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Nutrition is vital for health and wellbeing.  Exercise will take you so far, but what you put into your mouth is equally as important.  It is your fuel.  It informs how you feel all day, every day.  

It's important to make it clear that I am not a qualified nutritionist, just a very greedy person who loves food and spends an inordinate amount of time researching, cooking and testing recipes.  

I have some basic food rules. Nothing processed.  I realise this is a big ask, but in so far as real life lets you, Just Eat Real Food.  When time allows get organised, bulk cook and make it a priority.  I look for recipes that take under twenty minutes to make. You'll find many of them here (and some that take longer but are worth the effort!)    

What else?  Well, everything in moderation, even moderation.  Food is there to be enjoyed.  Try to eat less wheat and less dairy.  Chew your food properly (that would be over twenty times per mouthful), and try not to rush your meals.  

Eat more oily fish and less red meat.  Drink enough water. Swop any white carbs for the brown versions.  Don't let yourself get hungry.  Limit booze and caffeine.  Eat loads and loads of fruit and vegetables.  If you slip up, no problem, you're human.  Everybody does.  Look after and be kind to yourself.  It's all common sense and you know it all already.  


Sweet potato, feta and spinach frittata (4) 


Vietnamese Chicken Salad (2)


Chargrilled tuna with salsa verde.  (4) 

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Leon Superfood Salad (2) 


Halloumi, spinach and lentil salad (4)


Lentils with goats cheese and salsa verde (4)


Roast chicken legs with artichokes and peas (4)