I’m so glad I found Jen! I’ve never been able to stick to a fitness regime before, but now I train with a friend and we laugh the whole way through our sessions, whilst working hard and sweating lots. Jen’s attitude, style and dedication have me hooked. What used to be a chore is now a pleasure.
— Lucy Keane

I love training with Jen. She has a fantastic knowledge of women’s fitness and is incredibly down to earth. I’ve seen real results and feel much fitter, stronger and more toned after training with her. Her workouts are totally tailored to me and best of all I really enjoy our sessions.

— lisa bradburn

I trained with Jen throughout my entire pregnancy and she managed to keep me strong and healthy... my fourth pregnancy and birth was, ironically, by far and away my most comfortable and easy. I definitely feel this was due to Jen and her program.

I feel that the workouts were great for my mental state as well as my physical wellbeing, and because each session was so varied I looked forward to every class.

— emily aird

I’ve been training with Jen twice a week for a year now. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single session, and I leave feeling invigorated and ready to face the rest of the day. Every session is different which keeps me motivated. Jen takes the time to understand my goals and helps me to work as hard as I can to achieve them. I need Jen in my life!

— zoe billington

Jen is incredibly thorough and I felt so supported getting fit again after the birth of my first baby. She has a way of actually making you want to do and enjoy exercise - a first for me! I really felt she beautifully tailor-made each session to suit me, and understood what I would enjoy, and so I was left with no choice but to really get into it! She made me quietly mindful of meal times and nutrition, which for me had gone completely by the wayside. She really is brilliant.

— jeanne kendall


I was a little nervous about Barre having limited experience with ballet or pilates. However, Jen’s expertise and tuition meant she could easily adapt her routines to cater for my injured shoulder. Barre has noticeably improved my core strength and muscle tone. I feel stronger and my flexibility is steadily improving. I look forward to each session, not just because I have a really good all-round workout, but also because I laugh the whole way through.

— sophie winterton

So I’m pretty sure my thighs and my glutes hate me during every barre class with Jen. Probably my arms and my abs do too. But that’s too bad because I love the classes with Jen. They’re fun, buzzy and addictive! I can really feel a difference. I am getting stronger every class. Can’t recommend highly enough!


Barre with Jen is brilliant. It’s impossible not to leave in a good mood. It’s fun, uplifting and feels like the best exercise I can do. I’m tighter, fitter, strong and waaaaay more flexible. If I could do it every day I would.

— daisy honeybunn

I discovered Jen’s barre classes a couple of months ago and have been totally hooked ever since! Every session is fun as well as being a great workout. Classes are small so there’s lots of individual attention. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my core strength, flexibility and my shape too. I leave happy, stretched and motivated - it’s the best workout around with a fabulous instructor too.

— kaya scott