Jen is incredibly thorough and I feel completely supported in my quest to get fit again. Each session is beautifully tailor-made to address my current needs as I recover from my pregnancy and birth. She has a knack of making you want to do each and every part properly, there’s no hiding! She really takes the time to talk about nutrition and meal times and makes you quietly mindful of what you are eating, which for me had totally gone by the wayside. She really is brilliant.
— Jeanne Bunn
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Restore Your Core

Your six-week check gives you just enough time, if that, for the first layer of your soft tissue to heal after childbirth.  This is not your cue to rush back into your old exercise routine.  The abdominal and pelvic muscles can take several months to fully recover, and you are especially vulnerable to injury at this time, which is why it is so important to learn how to properly care for your body.  

The 'Restore Your Core' program is for mothers who was to take their own recovery seriously.  It is all about rebuilding your body, realigning the muscles, ligaments and tissues that have been altered by a nine-month process, and getting that kick-ass body back. 

It’s not a perfect analogy but a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Or, to put it another way, a house is never going to last the duration without great foundations. Your core is your foundation upon which all movement is built.  

Over the 12 week program you will learn about optimal nutrition for post-natal recovery, pelvic floor exercises that really work, functional movements for everyday life as a mother and join a community of like-minded women who offer great support, advice and friendship.  

Train on your own, with a friend or in a small group (6 maximum).  

When you sign up for the course you will receive a resistance band, a food diary and six recipes to get you started on your path to optimal health.  Please watch the video for more information about the course structure.