I trained with Jen throughout my entire pregnancy and she managed to keep me strong and healthy... my fourth pregnancy and birth was, ironically, by far and away my most comfortable and easy. I definitely feel this was due to Jen and her program.

I feel that the workouts were great for my mental state as well as my physical wellbeing, and because each session was so varied I looked forward to every class.
— Emily Aird


Exercising throughout your pregnancy is enormously beneficial, for both you and the baby.  It lowers stress levels, improves body image, makes you less likely to have back pain, gives you more energy, and labour and delivery may be easier.  I can't take away the pain, but strong abdominals and a fit cardiovascular system should give you more oomph when it comes to the pushing stage.

Whatever the type of birth that lies ahead of you, the benefits of exercising will not be lost.  You will recover better from any type of delivery if you are fit, healthy and well nourished.  I will design sessions that are tailored to your trimester and your unique experience throughout pregnancy, including complications such as SPD, pelvic girdle pain etc.  I am able to advise on your optimal nutritional intake before, during and after pregnancy.