There's a lot going on at OneFitMother right now.  Planning permission has been submitted for a very swanky gym to be built in the garden.  Think glass, stunning views, space and lots of fun new classes.  We are hoping it'll be completed by September.  

One of these classes is called BarreConcept.  I went on a three day course in London last week. For those of you who don't know what BarreConcept is, it is a ballet inspired workout that focuses on fat burning, whilst toning the legs, lifting the butt, flattening the abs and sculpting your arms.  What's not to love?   High intensity but low impact, kicking tunes, and a truly unbelievable workout. An hour long, it's fast-paced and guaranteed to make you feel the burn.  I LOVED it.  I can't wait for the gym to be built so the sessions can start up.  They're an hour long and run in blocks of eight weeks.   See you there!