Barre FAQ


can i buy single barre classes?

Barre classes are sold in half-termly blocks. It isn’t possible to buy single classes as the Barre is progressive. Everybody needs to complete the first Beginner block before progressing to Intermediate before finally becoming an advanced Barre Belle.

do you offer refunds for missed classes?

Refunds are not offered for missed classes. If there is space in another Barre class that week of the same level you can attend this class instead.

what should i wear to a barre class?.

Wear leggings that are comfortable, a good sports bra and a top that allows you to move freely. Barre is performed without shoes, so ‘sticky’ socks or barre socks are recommended.

what should I bring to a barre class?

A fabulous attitude and a water bottle. If you want to wear barre socks then so be it, but it’s not necessary. Everything else is taken care of.

i’m pregnant. can i do the barre?

If there are no issues preventing you from exercising then Barre is wonderful for pregnancy as it is low impact. A few pregnancy related issues, specifically pelvic girdle pain and sciatica, will make the class unsuitable. The floor work section for abdominals will sometimes contain exercises that are not appropriate for pregnant women. You must inform me if you are pregnant.

i’ve just had a baby. Can i do the barre?

If you have had your six week check up and the doctor is happy for you to return to exercise then the beginner level class may be suitable for those returning to exercise. I would caution that the barre is high intensity and you may benefit from a more gentle return to exercise first. Please inform me if you are still breastfeeding as this affects your range of movement.

i didn’t do ballet as a child. is this a problem?

Absolutely not. So long as you are capable of holding onto a Barre you are definitely welcome. I never did ballet as a child, but now I can’t imagine my life without it.

what if I am not a teeny-tiny ballerina?

Neither am I! Barre is for everyone, and I strive to make my studio a place everyone will feel comfortable. Barre is a low-impact workout and can be done by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. A huge advantage of the workout being low impact (but high intensity) means you’ll get a great workout without putting excessive stress on your joints. If running or jumping has ever caused you pain then Barre may be just the workout you’re looking for.

How long does it take to see results with the barre?

Two huge factors here are how hard you are prepared to work and how often you take a class. If you were to do three barre classes a week and work hard during them, the results would be very fast. Within ten classes you would see tangible differences in your body shape, muscle tone, flexibility and strength. Doing less classes will, of course, still bring results, but not so quickly.

How much does a session at the barre cost?

Each session costs £12. The classes are sold in half-termly blocks, (based on the West Sussex state school calendar), so the price per block is dependent upon how many weeks the next half term is. If you click through to Buy A Class you’ll see how much the current half term costs. Classes do not run during the school holidays.

How do I find the studio?

The postcode for the property is RH17 5HR. The turning has a small sign marked Hanlye which is low down in the grass. Drive slowly as it’s easy to miss. Go past a couple of little cottages, and a big barn, and the Studio is part of Hanlye House at the end of the small road. There is a small car park just prior to Hanlye Barn for overflow parking.

where is your temporary studio?

The Studio is currently undergoing building works. Until October I will be conducting the barre classes in Twineham. Please contact me for more details.