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One Fit Mother  

Improve your self-confidence, physical

and mental health.  


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One Fit Mother  

Everybody's different. 

Every body is different. 

One Fit Mother helps women feel as healthy and confident as they deserve to.  

Health and fitness is about so much more than simply how we look.  

It's about women feeling good about themselves.  It's about women celebrating their bodies, not punishing them.

Pregnant, newly post-natal, mother, peri-menopausal?  All of these different stages of a woman's life require specialised approaches to exercise.  Take control.  Accept where you are right now and let OneFitMother help you get to where you want to be.  

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"I need Jennie in my life! 


I've been training twice a week for a year now and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every session.  I leave feeling invigorated and ready to face the day ahead.  What I love most is the variety. Every session is different and exciting. Jennie makes me work as hard as I can.  There is never a chance to get bored."

 Zoe Billington.